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SafeQ Saliva Collection Kit

Fast and timely detection of coronavirus infection could prevent the closure of your company or institution. Detection of coronavirus is currently mainly done with nasopharyngeal swabs. These can be unpleasant or painful. In addition, medical personnel is required for taking the swab sample. A saliva test addresses these shortcomings by being painless and simple to perform. Moreover, many studies show the suitability of saliva for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 when performed on a regular basis (once or twice a week).

Repetitive saliva testing can help identify people who spread the virus but don’t show any symptoms. The technique is therefore complementary to existing testing strategies and can be used as a third wall of defence to keep companies and organizations open. SafeQ Saliva Collection Kit with its special inactivation and preservation buffer also overcomes a common challenge: SARS-CoV-2 infection of lab operators when handling patients samples.


  • Pain-free sample collection
  • CE-IVD marked device
  • Easy self-sampling, no need for medical staff
  • Inactivation buffer allows for complete inactivation of SARS-CoV-2:
    it abrogates the infectious potential of the collected saliva
  • Safe and stable preservation of RNA up to 30 days when samples are stored at 2-25°C and up to 8 days when stored at 37°C. No cold chain required
  • Buffer has a distinct color as visual pipetting control

Platform Compatibility

SafeQ Saliva Collection Kit has been independently validated with a range of common, automated, nucleic acid extraction and RT-qPCR platforms. Combine it with our…


The saliva collection procedure starts by spitting in the funnel, placed on the collection device, until the amount of liquid saliva reaches the indicated line. The special inactivation and preservation fluid is then added into the saliva tube, via the funnel. The funnel is removed, tube is closed and shaken. After cleaning the sample is now ready for transportation to the lab and further analysis.

SafeQ Saliva Collection Kit*
100 pcs

*Kit contents: Collection Funnel and Tube, Inactivation and preservation buffer, cleaning pads



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