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Magnetic beads have become an essential tool in life science research, particularly in molecular biology and diagnostics.
They have revolutionized the isolation and purification of biomolecules, such as nucleic acids and proteins, from complex samples such as blood, tissue, and cell cultures.

Magnetic bead-based assays are widely used in immunoassays, DNA sequencing, genotyping, and cell sorting applications. The unique properties of magnetic beads, including their small size, high surface area, and magnetic responsiveness, make them an ideal tool for efficient and sensitive molecular analysis. With the development of new technologies and applications, the demand for magnetic beads continues to grow, and they have become a crucial component in many life science workflows.

OEM or Private Label?

Private Label and OEM manufacturing are two popular options for companies looking to expand their product offerings without investing in the development and production process. Private Label products are sold under a specific re-seller's brand name but are manufactured by a contract or third-party entity. OEM, on the other hand, allows companies to produce products to their own specifications.

Partner with us

Magtivio will be your trusted partner for OEM, Private Label, or bulk delivery of high-quality magnetic beads and kits for life science applications. Our versatile services cater to a wide range of customers, from resellers to developers of innovative products.

Our Private Label service allows customers to assign their own name, SKU, and descriptions to our products, while OEM buyers can stipulate how the product is built, including the types of materials and methods used. We work closely with our OEM buyers to ensure that their specifications are met, and we can provide advice on the best methods and materials to use. Our OEM buyers retain complete ownership of the product specifications.


Choosing magtivio as your OEM or Private Label partner offers several advantages, including cost-effective research and IVD reagent products, faster expansion of your existing product range, and more time to focus on your core business. By outsourcing your manufacturing to magtivio, you can reduce your manufacturing costs, maintain your customers, and preserve your brand.

However, one of the main challenges of OEM and Private Label manufacturing is finding a partner with the unique life science technology that your company requires. At magtivio, we specialize in magnetic beads and kits for life science applications, making us a reliable and compliant partner for your OEM or Private Label needs.

Bulk supply

In addition to OEM and Private Label services, we also offer bulk supply with strictly controlled manufacturing processes that are flexible and scalable to deliver multiple-liter quantities at a low cost. Our logistic expertise ensures proper storage and shipping processes for all our products.

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