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Sales Representatives Jobs

We are looking for candidates for the positions of Junior and Senior Sales Representative, to expand our DNA extraction business. Do you have SALES written in your DNA? Then meet up with us…


Sept 28 is #WorldRabiesDay.
We celebrate the potential of our MagSi-NA Pathogens Kit. 🧬🦠. Read more in our blog post titled: “Understanding Rabies through DNA”.

New Product Launch

CLS stands for Cotyl, Leaf and Seed, the most commonly used sample types in plant breeding. MagSi-DNA Plant CLS contains all the components necessary to optimize your specific DNA extraction procedure.

World Veterinary Day

April 29 is World Veterinary Day. We’re proud to support the global veterinary community with our MagSi-DNA Animal kit. Designed for rapid and reliable DNA isolation from a wide range of animal samples…

New Sample Type

Besides from plasma or serum samples, circulating Cell-Free (cf) DNA can now also be extracted from urine samples. The protocol is scalable between 1 and 10 mL. Use our MagSi-cfDNA kit for this…

New Product Launch

The new MagSi-DNA Stool kit facilitates DNA isolation from fresh, frozen or stabilized human stool samples, for gut microbiome analysis and profiling studies, using PCR and NGS