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The new MagSi-DNA Stool kit facilitates DNA isolation from fresh, frozen or stabilized human stool samples, for gut microbiome analysis and profiling studies, using PCR and NGS

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Very soon now we will be introducing the fastest, most versatile, best automatable and most cost-effective kit for DNA extraction from all commonly used plant sample types…


market feedback questionnaire

We are developing a new magnetic bead-based kit aimed at the extraction of environmental (e)DNA and are therefore seeking as much market feedback as we can get. Can you help us?


DNA extraction with MagSi-DNA Animal from whole blood of various animal species in livestock management, is now evaluated in a new application note

new product

MagSi-DNA FFPE is our new solution for the manual or automated isolation of genomic DNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. Easy protocols and consistent yields…


MagSi-DNA Animal, our fast and cost-effective DNA extraction kit, can now be applied to marine crustaceans. It can be collected from various tissues, described in a new application note.

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