Automated magnetic separation solutions

Automating magnetic nucleic acid extraction, the process used to isolate DNA or RNA from biological samples, offers many advantages that enhance convenience, accuracy, reproducibility, and throughput compared to manual methods. 

PurePrep Nucleic Acid Purification Systems

Optimize and automate MagSi magnetic separation kits from different matrices and workflows by using one of our four PurePrep nucleic acid purification systems.

PurePrep nucleic acid purification systems allow you to reduce your hands-on time and increase productivity while maintaining high yields and excellent reproducibility.


Use our optimized and tested disposable solutions on the PurePrep nucleic acid purification systems e.g. deep-well plates, elution plates and dedicated tip-combs. Also suited for KingFisherTM.


Make sure to use our preventive maintenance service options to ensure continued, optimal performance of your PurePrep nucleic acid purification system.