For Magnetic Sample Preparation

We offer magnetic sample preparation products for a variety of different laboratory applications.
Find your solution in one of the below categories.

MagSi-(D)NA kits and beads as a solid support phase to isolate NA from pathogens, vegetal and animal tissues, body fluids and cells.

MagSi kits for PCR clean-up, DNA size selection and dye-terminator removal in sequencing applications.

MagSi streptavidin beads used as a solid phase to easily bind biotinylated biomolecules.

MagSi beads with modified surface for the purification and fractionation of proteins for mass spectrometry, proteomic profiling and biomarker research.

Surface activated MagSi beads for immobilization of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids or other molecules of interest. The MagSi platform has a broad range of functionalization possibilities.

MagSiMUS magnetic bead-based biological sample preparation for protein depletion and removal of other interfering compounds from biological samples, prior to LC-MS/MS analysis.

Solutions for sample collection, storage and release e.g. Saliva Collection Kit

Our Magnetic Separators are intended for magnetic separation of MagSi and MagSiMUS beads from liquid samples.

Components are delivered pre-filled in deepwell plates to be directly used in PurePrep 96, 32, 16 automated, nucleic acid purification systems

Optimize and automate various MagSi magnetic purification kits from different matrices and workflows by using PurePrep instruments, disposables and service options.

where to order

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We have distributors in many countries and areas.

You can rely on magtivio as your OEM partner for magnetic beads and kits. Our facilities and procedures will guarantee that you will get a reliable, compliant and high quality solution.

Our services include a.o. customized filling and labelling of bead suspensions in the vial or container you want up to complete kit production according to your specifications and under your own trademark.

Filling volumes can vary from 1 mL for beads to 5 L for buffers.
Our logistic expertise will guarantee an adequate storage and shipping process.

To companies active in the IVD or genomics area, magtivio offers the possibility for bulk supply (large volume deliveries). Our strictly controlled manufacturing processes are flexible to be scaled up to multi-liter quantities, and secure low cost.