We Protect Our Personnel

magtivio has assumed a pro-active policy on employee’s health since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. All of our people are donating a saliva sample twice a week which is then tested on Covid-19 by PCR. Besides our in-house, protective measures that are in place in this way we protect our personnel and keep our business going.

Saliva testing
Repetitive saliva testing can help identify people who spread the virus but don’t show any symptoms. The technique is therefore complementary to existing testing strategies and can be used as a third wall of defense to keep companies and organizations open. Saliva sampling is non-invasive and not as unpleasant or painful as e.g. nasopharyngeal swabs. It allows for easy sampling and there is no need for medical or trained staff.

For RNA extraction from these saliva samples we use our magtivio MagSi-NA Pathogens kit. This kit is already used for RNA extraction from 10s of millions of samples in advance of PCR or LAMP analysis in many Covid-19 testing laboratories in Europe.

The PCR is done by the biosellal Bio-T kit® SARS-CoV-2 UK & N501Y Variants, or by the Kylt® SARS-CoV-2 Complete RTU (CE IVD marked human diagnostic kit) from Anicon.

More information about the effectiveness of saliva testing can be found in the whitepaper from biogazelle, a Ghent (B) – based CRO.