Sample Prep for LCMS | MagSiMUS

Remove the haystack, to find the needle

The MagSiMUS Principle

More and more (U)HPLC and Mass Spectrometry technologies replace the less sensitive and often more unspecific immunoassays for the detection and analysis of increasingly complex target analytes in clinical diagnostics and screening laboratories. To reduce matrix effects, a good sample preparation method upfront of these analyses is often required to exclude interfering compounds – especially proteins. All commonly used methods – Protein Precipitation (PP), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Liquid Liquid Extraction (LLE) – have specific disadvantanges: difficult to automate, time-consuming and/or economically unfavorable.

MagSiMUS magnetic bead-based biological sample preparation kits are intended for protein depletion and removal of other interfering compounds from biological samples like whole blood, serum, plasma or urine. They work according to the unique and innovative negative selection technology, which removes the contaminants and leaves the target molecules in the supernatant.

For LC-MS, an internal standard, typically dissolved in dilution reagent, is added to a clinical sample. This ensures that the analyte itself and the internal standard undergo one and the same cleanup route. The MagSiMUS magnetic bead (particle) mix is then added and suspended homogeneously into the clinical sample. Proteins and larger peptides are then precipitated towards the beads’ surface by addition of a protein precipitating reagent. The magnetic bead/protein precipitate is subsequently attracted by a magnetic field with a suitable magnetic separator, leaving the target analyte in suspension. The supernatant is now clean and can be directly injected into the readout system (UHPLC, LC-MS/MS).

Remove the Haystack…To Find the Needle


MagSiMUS technology uses flexible protocols, does not require centrifugation and is easy to automate for medium and high-throughput processing.

MagSiMUS methods are designed and optimized for the sample cleanup prior to the LC-MS/MS or (U)HPLC analysis of specific analytes. For more information on which MagSiMUS method to use for what analytes, contact our technical support department.

MagSiMUS features

  • Reduced matrix effects in (U)HPLC and Mass Spectrometry
  • Quick and complete sample preparation protocols, with short run times
  • Easy to automate for medium and high throughputs
  • Works with low sample volumes (down to 25 – 50 µL) so there is always cost-saving on reference materials
  • No need for centrifugation or the application of positive or negative (air) pressure
  • Different MagSiMUS methods available in kit formats covering multiple analytes.