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DNA extraction with MagSi-DNA Animal from whole blood of various animal species in livestock management, is now evaluated in a new application note


MagSi-DX Pathogen (for the isolation of viral RNA for subsequent in-vitro diagnostic purposes) has been declared to meet the new IVDR requirements and is registered…


Get DNA from Fish Fins

MagSi-DNA Animal, our fast and cost-effective DNA extraction kit, now has an application describing how to isolate DNA from the fins of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus)…

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Purify Cell Free DNA

Liquid biopsy -isolating cell-free (cf)DNA from plasma or serum- can be done with our new, scalable MagSi-cfDNA kit. Optimized for automated use on the PurePrep 24.


CE-IVD Pathogen DX

CE-IVD marked MagSi-DX Pathogen kit can be used for the isolation of viral RNA for subsequent IVD and is validated for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic workflows.

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Glycan Analysis Workflows

MagSi-S Hydrazide beads bind glycans covalently. Easy, fast and automatable concentration is now achieved. Read a recent publication by the University of Copenhagen

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Covid-19 RNA extractions


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