Our Magnetic Separators are intended for magnetic separation of MagSi and MagSiMUS beads from liquid samples for isolation and purification of nucleic acids and proteins, immunoprecipitation, immunoassays (ELISA), cell sorting, and purification of biomolecules. Our separators are designed for optimal magnetic bead separation in terms of speed and bead pellet positioning, as well as stability and user-friendliness.

Manual Separators are offered in chemically resistant polyoxymethylene (POM) for routine use of organic solvents. The neodymium (NdFeB, NIB, or Neo) magnets used for these separators are optimized to enable fast separation at minimum collection time.

Automated Processing Separators (made of anodized aluminium) are intended for automated processing of MagSi magnetic beads and MagSiMUS biological sample preparation kits, and available in 96, 384 well and 96 DeepWell formats. 32 FlipTube® and HPLC vial formats are offered with a SBS standard registration base for easy placement on dedicated liquid handling instruments.