Couple the biological molecule of your choice



MagSi-Direct includes easy-to-use MagSi beads and coating solutions enabling the immobilization of your specific biological molecule to a magnetic support. With MagSi-Direct you can turn ANY molecule that interacts with a specific partner into a powerful new biomagnetic reagent. Just magnetize your molecule to unleash the power of magnetic bead technology in your research or project.

The coating of MagSi-Direct acts as a nanoglue, using non-specific electron donation from electron-rich groups of the target biomolecule including -COOH, -CONH-, -NH2, -NHR-, -NR2, -OH, -SH, -X. As a result, MagSi-Direct allows coupling of a wide variety of medium-large biological molecules, ranging from proteins such as antibodies, cell receptor proteins, lectins, peptide aptamers and enzymes to non-protein molecules.

MagSi-Direct product features:

  • Paramagnetic beads and surface coating reagents for custom functionalization
  • Efficient and delicate coupling for many sensitive targets
  • Binding only takes a few minutes
  • Produces non-covalent binding that is strong even under extreme conditions
  • Maximum binding interaction with large biomolecules
  • Functionalized beads can be stored ready-to-use in various aqueous buffers

MagSi-Direct can be used in many applications


  • Capture or purify any analyte using magnetic beads
  • Develop quantative magnetic affinity assay

Cell therapy research

  • Use your own cell specific ligands to isolate cells of interest
  • Isolate or concentrate minority cell populations gently and efficiently

Flow cytometry

  • Remove interfering cell populations prior to flow analysis
  • Attach your cell-specific ligand to MagSi-Direct beads and use it to pull out the interfering cells with a magnet
  • Enhance FACS capabilities – add magnetic cell depletion or concentration steps before or after running a sort

Protein Chemistry

  • Purify delicate proteins or complexes with ease
  • Avoid complex chromatographic separations


MagSi-Direct 1.0

With a mean diameter of 1.0 μm, MagSi-Direct 1.0 is especially suitable for immunoassays and capture reactions in volumes ≤ 1000 μL. Includes ready-to-use MagSi-Direct 1.0 beads, 10X Immobilization Buffer and Blocking Buffer.

Art. No. Product Size
MD01029 MagSi-Direct 1.0 Small (contains 2 ml beads)
MD03029 MagSi-Direct 1.0 Medium (contains 10 ml beads)
MD04029 MagSi-Direct 1.0 Large (contains 100 ml beads)


MagSi-Direct 3.0

With a mean diameter of 3.0 μm, MagSi-Direct 3.0 is especially suitable for cell capture applications and capture reactions in high volumes or viscous samples. Includes ready-to-use MagSi-Direct 3.0 beads, 10X Immobilization Buffer and Blocking Buffer.

Art. No. Product Size
MD41029 MagSi-Direct 3.0 Small (contains 2 ml beads)
MD43029 MagSi-Direct 3.0 Medium (contains 10 ml beads)
MD44029 MagSi-Direct 3.0 Large (contains 100 ml beads)