Nucleic Acid Purification

From pathogens, vegetal and animal tissues, cells and body fluids

MagSi-NA Pathogens

Allows for the cost-effective extraction of DNA and RNA from a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal swab, or any other respiratory samples. Purified total nucleic acids can be used for qPCR based or any other enzymatic pathogen detection method.

MagSi-DNA Vegetal

MagSi-DNA Vegetal kits allow for the extraction of genomic DNA from plant tissue and seeds. It has a very flexible setup, as the volume of each of its components can be adjusted to facilitate your specific extraction protocol requirements.

MagSi-DNA Body Fluid

For fast and cost-effective extraction of genomic DNA from blood, saliva or swab samples. The magnetic bead-based kit can be used on fresh or frozen whole blood, fresh or preserved saliva samples or swab wash solutions.

MagSi-DNA Animal

MagSi-DNA Animal allows for fast and cost-effective extraction of DNA from various veterinary samples like blood, semen, hairs, saliva/swabs or lysed tissue.

MagSi-DNA beads

MagSi-DNA beads can be used as a solid phase support phase in DNA extraction and purification protocols by using a simple bind/wash/elute principle. They are intended for own development of protocols and available with a range of physical properties and a silica or carboxyl modified surface. The new MagSi-DNA mf and MagSi-DNA mf COOH bead types are the new gold standard in many DNA extraction kits.